The Innovators Club works closely with various members of staff, drawn from divergent departments within KPUC . The idea is to provide mentorship and support to the young innovators, with the aim of shaping their thinking and giving them a mature and experienced perspective on their ideas.  Currently, the members of staff identified as mentors include:

  1. Mrs. Betsy Wanjala – CEITT
  2. Mr. Joseph Kibe – CEITT
  3. Dr. Eric Ogur – Mechanical Engineering
  4. Mr. Makumbi – Mechanical Engineering (Part-time)
  5. Mr. Onyango – Mechanical Engineering
  6. Ms. Grace Kiarie – Mechanical Engineering (Part-time)
  7. Mr. Karanja – Electrical Engineering
  8. Mrs. Faith Ngaira – Mechanical Engineering (Part-time)
  9. Dr. Wekesa – Biological Sciences
  10. Mr. Owele – Chemical Engineering
  11. Mr. Odawa – Mechanical Engineering
  12. Mr. Wambaa – Aeronautical Engineering
  13. Mr. David Maweu – Industrial Liaison Officer
  14. Mr. Paul KiokoNguthi –  Fashion and Design
  15. Mrs. Nyayieka – Chair, Fashion and Design Department

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