About us

The Innovators Club – KPUC was formed in June 2012 with the aim of creating a forum for KPUC students to actualize their innovations, and novel ideas. The club is open to students from all schools and departments. The only criteria of qualifying to be a member, is having an innovative idea, an innovation, a prototype or even an innovative product.

Club Mandate

  • —The mandate of the innovators club shall be free from external politics and be transparent. It shall be non-sectarian, serving the interest s of the members and shall cooperate and collaborate with both members of KPUC students and administration in achieving the overall objectives of the club.
  • —The club will provide a supportive environment, business plan guidance and possibility of new business ideas. It will encourage partnerships, networking and linkages with relevant organizations as need arises.
  • —The club will serve as a source of inspiration for young people by cultivating the culture of innovation through outreach programmes.
  • The club will harness minds with potential innovations in form of ideas; give hand in actualizing the innovations in order to solve present and future problems in the real world.
  • — The club will facilitate the commercialization of innovations with market potential and obtain IP (intellectual property) protection for the ideas.
  • — The Club will endeavor to empower the youth to take advantage of upcoming technology and potential opportunities
  • — The club shall carry out entrepreneurial activities for resource mobilization.


  • —  All KPUC students will be eligible to be members of the club. Only current students of the KPUC are eligible to hold voting privileges and executive positions.
  • —  Alumni will form associate members of the club and will participate in all the activities of the club except holding executive positions and voting.
  • —  There shall be mentors consisting of members of staff who supervise students’ projects.
  • —  The members shall pay a membership fee of Kshs.200/= annually and a monthly subscription of Kshs.200/- . These figures are subject to review by the executive as it becomes necessary.

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